Sadaharitha Agri Farms & Exporters (Pvt) Ltd (SAFE) is a distinguished producer and exporter of fresh fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices with a vision of being a leading exporter in the Asian region. Currently an evolving Company, having established in the year 2003, we have gained excessive prominence within a short span of time due to critical factors such as premium quality, competitive pricing of products, freshness and sustainability in supply.

SAFE is a subsidiary of Sadaharitha Plantations Ltd, a renowned forestry investment Company in Sri Lanka. As a reputed producer and exporter of a diverse range of commodities, we firmly believe in delivering and serving our clientele with products that are of the highest standards which has fetched us a considerable market share in the domestic and international sphere.

With over 1500 acres of agricultural land accountable for the crops of fruits, vegetables, whole spices and herbs being grown and treated, are in accordance to the international standards of health and nutrition. Whilst the crops are being cultivated in our own plantations and managed to the point of delivery, all logistics are controlled solely by the Company with no intermediary trading involvement. We assess this phenomenon as one of our many strengths highlighting and giving us that extra edge over the competitors.

Our Values

  • Unique in our processors and procedures – We never compromise the quality and consistency of the products we supply or the services we offer. We thrive on excellence, hence compelled to deliver the best and the freshest of seasonal and non-seasonal produce.
  • Stringent quality controls – Our quality control personnel at all times adhere to stringent quality controls and monitor closely the quality in terms of appearance and flavour and maintains the precise temperature and atmosphere essential to retain the freshness whilst the harvest is stored in our warehouses, prior to despatch. All handling and packaging operations are conducted with utmost care to ensure sustainability in quality of our products.  We continuously practise and focus on food safety and hygiene requirements specified by GAP (Good Agricultural Practices), GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) on all commodities produced and processed by us.
  • Team of Professionals – Driven towards excellence by a team of qualified agricultural professionals, dedicated in meeting and exceeding expectations of an increasing customer base, offers unwavering emphasis on continuous improvements with the ability to achieve and fulfil the requirements of our clientele.
  • The cultivator, harvester and supplier – We pride ourselves on our impeccable accomplishments and status reached in this field with no involvement of intermediaries as we are the cultivator, harvester and supplier of our own products.
  • Commitment and patronage – We are prospered through continuous commitment and patronage of satisfied buyers spread across a number of countries worldwide. Add knowledge sharing, respect for stakeholders, reliable supplier network and team spirit to these factors and it naturally evolves as a formidable organization that continues to flourish.

Our Services

  • Take 100% responsibility for the quality of our fruits & vegetables – We consistently deliver the best products at competitive prices and have established a reputable status in the market.
  • Maintaining freshness – We are determined to maintain freshness from the point of origin to the point of consumption of our harvested produce. We deliver goods in time whilst assuring quality of products and services we offer, aiming to inspire and add value to the products we deliver to our clients.
  • Preserving ecological qualities – As it’s been a unique customary practise, we will continue with the process of reaping just 18 hours prior to the dispatch of products, which enables us to preserve its ecological qualities throughout all logistics operations.
  • Timeliness – Our commodities are delivered within three working days, to any destination never overlooking the fundamental elements of our existence; trust, growth and competitive pricing.