Sadaharitha Agro Farms & Exporters (Pvt) Ltd is a value driven organization in the domain of Agro products. Sri Lanka is an Island abundantly blessed with a vast array of sub-tropical, tropical and temperate fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices. In the Highlands, the Mid-elevated fields and in the low lands of the Island, this rich and enticing assortment of produce is being cultivated, nurtured and harvested to the finest quality of horticultural products that has gained Sri Lanka pre-eminence among the rest.

The volume of the fresh fruits and vegetables generated in the country are cultivated in the most tropical parts of Sri Lanka, which accounts for two-thirds of the country’s physical terrain. This area habitually produces “low-country”, hot climate fruits and vegetables and rightly due to its seasonal rainfall, fresh fruit and vegetable production in the dry zone is highly seasonal. Alternatively, in the wet zone, due to a more reliable rainfall intensity and distribution, a wider range of fruits and vegetables are grown on a year round basis. The central highlands of the Isle, with its more pleasant and moderate climatic circumstances, produce temperate vegetables, typically known as “up-country” vegetables, all through the year. Extensive seasonal fluctuations in production with peak predominant through January to March and then again through May to June, is a prime feature of the supply chain identified in the field of fresh fruits and vegetables in Sri Lanka.