Our Outgrovers

Our mission in this context is to present opportunities to the local smallholder farmers who are in dire circumstances agriculturally. We provide solutions in order for them to restore their uncultivated land and once again to be able to generate a harvest productively.  We have formed a long-term business interest and mutual trust with every farmer beneath our wings and consider these two factors to be our key ingredients for success.

Whilst we educate them and guide them through the recent technological advances of cultivation, we also provide the growers with necessary resources and raw material and ease their burdens progressively. Our pilot project was launched in 2009 which to date progresses successfully and has been responsible in cultivating over 400 acres of land since. A team of highly qualified personnel administers and standardizes the project whilst the cultivations are independently maintained by the farmers.

Our out-growers are contractually responsible for the supply of the products at harvest; in return we provide inputs, technical support and guarantee a market for their produce. This enables us to deliver goods on a timely basis and with a supply that is consistent with no intermediaries; we are also able to provide the produce at competitive rates to the ultimate consumer. 

We continue to grow WITH the people that believe in us………………