Sadaharitha started planting of its seed of investment plans in Horana, 14th August 2002. Inception of this new business concept is introduced by Mr. Sathis Nawarathne with the staff around 20 members. For the past 10 years it has grown very fast with her green branches in all over Sri Lanka strategically located in Colombo, Kandy, Homagama, Wattala and Galle serving the much appreciated customers.

Today Sadaharitha group is a well known chain of  organizations locally and foreign countries with the employment strength over 600 and a professional team of qualified plantation staff, Sadaharitha is humbly proud of her achievements in the agriculture sector as well as in reaching for horizons beyond.

From Mahogany, Teak now in to Sandalwood. Sadaharitha Plantations proudly holds its growth certifications above the industry norms holding over 1500 acres of  lands . Among the latest diversifications, are organic and non organic fresh fruits and vegetables exporting to many destinations.

Today Sadaharitha, a truly a Sri Lankan company stands tall, ready to face challenges in a much stronger environment, growing with its loyal customers planting the seeds of stability to take mother Sri Lanka on the way being a developed nation.