Tea originated in China, as legend has it, 5,000 years ago with Chinese emperor Shen Nung claiming the health benefits of tea in 2737 BC. However it was Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) that made tea famous in the 19th and 20th Centuries. Scotsman James Taylor is attributed to planting the first tea estate in Sri Lanka. It was in 1867 that Taylor planted 20 acres of tea on the Loolecondera estate.
There are three main tea growing regions in Sri Lanka.
High Grown: Grown at an elevation above 1,200m. Perfectly rounded teas with a bright & strong taste.
Mid Grown; Grown at an elevation between 600m and 1,200m. Strong, rich & full-bodied teas.
Low Grown: Grown at an elevation between sea level and 600m. Heavy and robust teas that are strong black tea.
Ceylon tea became the most popular of the industry and was much loved for its unmatched quality and variety. The alchemy of land, sun and rain in the Paradise Island of Ceylon, as it was known then, presented the ideal climatic conditions for cultivation of tea.
The tea available in loose tea as well as value added tea sachets ,
Herbal tea
Green tea
Flavored black tea
Black tea
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