Spices are depicted as two vital commodities in the export market of Sri Lanka for its substantial natural quality and trusted excellence generated since ancient times. For its intense flavour, aroma and medicinal attributes, spices and herbs hold a special segment in the export market of Sri Lanka. Cinnamon, Cloves, Pepper, Nutmeg, Cardamom and Mace are predominantly recognized and cultivated in the wet & intermediate zones of the island. SAFE is renowned to uphold highest quality in terms of uniqueness and novelty of all its spices over the years.

The spice is rich in fragrance, praised for its medicinal and culinary properties since ancient times, is a native spice in Sri Lanka. The exotic and sweet flavoured spice stick is drawn from the outer brown bark of ‘cinnamomum’ tree. This contains the highest anti-oxidant strength in comparison to all other natural food sources, thereby, carrying excessive antiseptic components.


Well recognized world over for its medicinal and culinary characteristics, cloves releases a sweet aroma due to ‘eugenol’, its most essential oil content. Eugenol oil contains local anaesthetic and antiseptic components, vital for dental treatment procedures.


There are two predominant varieties of cardamom, namely, ‘elettaria and amomum’ which are native to southern India and in a few tropical countries inclusive of Sri Lanka. Cardamom contains a rich source of minerals such as, potassium, calcium and magnesium, which are vital components to facilitate heart rate and blood pressure.

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