Corporate Social Responsibility
"Like-minded people nurturing & intensifying the industry together with integrity"
This being our CSR motto and mission, we thrive on making a significant difference in the lives of the rural community by being their partner and mentor. If we are to continue growing with the people that believe in us, we need to inspire our teams and help our community whilst developing our organization.
In this day and age customers need much more than impeccable products and services from an Organization. They need to acquire a sense of fulfilment by the Company that renders the services. Hence, CSR assignments are more than optional; they are far greater than we perceive them to be. They play a vital role in developing a Company and its people.
We at SAFE, has made CSR activities an integral part of our corporate culture, complying with ISO 9000 standards and conceptions. We passionately contribute to the social and economic growth, thus build a healthier, sustainable way of life for the communities of the weaker segment and thereby elevate the Nation's human development index.

Our endeavours achieved thus far:
Sundara Horana

In-view of the ‘Nagara Alankara’ (revitalizing the cities) programme initiated and developed by the Urban Development Authority, it was evident that we had a social responsibility to fulfil. Hence, our contribution was executed and successfully accomplished when we revamped the pathways along the Horana road, a district located in the Western Province of Sri Lanka.

Art Competition

This was held for children in grades 1 – 5 of the Western Province, employing the theme “Environment” with the prime intension of nurturing their reflections on nature. Whilst identifying each child’s artistic aptitudes, we were able to encourage them to appreciate the environment by educating them further on the subject and exchange ideas and thoughts from their peers.  The winners were awarded trophies and every participant honoured with certificates.

Lantana Plant Eradication

Lantana is a perennial plant and certain number of the Lantana species tends to become invasive, known as a pest in horticulture spreading rapidly causing destruction to the growth of other fauna and flora, particularly in forestland. From time to time eradicating these plants is essential in order to protect other indigenous trees and animals. In this particular instance, SAFE had the opportunity to be a vital part of this worthy cause in collaboration with the Government of Sri Lanka and uprooted the poisonous species of Lantana , and helped to preserve our wildlife land.